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Bringing Evidence to Light


Welcome to BrightBeam Forensic Laser Systems.

Emerging as the leader in Laser Forensic Systems designers and manufacturers, BrightBeam Forensic Laser Systems offers unique capabilities in its full series of high power forensic laser products. The BrightBeam product series offer the highest power DUAL Green and Blue Laser systems along with a full compliment of compact units and accessories.


Click to watch the New BrightBeam Forensic Laser System Video!

Latest News:

BrightBeam exhibits at AAFS 2015.

Meet the BrightBeam Team and see all of the BrightBeam products in action at AAFS 2015 Feb 16th thru Feb 21st in Booth 215.


Extending the BrightBeam product line, the ULTRA compact model is the lightest, toughest field ready forensic laser system available. Click to learn more.


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